1. 大专以上学历,从事质量检验或体系管理工作3年以上工作经历;

2. 通过CCAA相应领域考试;

3. 具有良好的责任心、上进心;

4. 无需坐班,全国各地人员均可,就近安排审核任务。


1. 依据从业经验1、3、5、8年数以及体系领域数量等,底薪在2000-6000不等

2. 审核人日费300-650(单300双350三400四450特殊600、650);

3. 实习期间安排交通差旅和生活补贴,专职月审核人日不得低于18日以上,长期审核给予人天补助;



                  Job Positions Zhongtai United Certification Co., Ltd.

About the company:

     Zhongtai United Certification Co., Ltd. (ZTC for short), (Certificate of Approval of the Certification Body: CNCA-R-2016-290), is located in the Pioneer Park of Longtan Headquarters on Sanhuan Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. ZTC is a regionally well-known, independent, professional and impartial third-party certification bodies. Our company is currently the approved unit of China National Accreditation Administration (CNCA), the accredited unit of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), the director unit China Certification Accreditation Association (CCAA), and the Vice-chairman unit Sichuan Province Accreditation Accreditation Association (SCAA );


     The company is based in Chengdu, the country of Tianfu. In the early days, ZTC was composed of professional team members from famous companies in Beijing and Shanghai. Our company is mainly engaged in quality, environment, occupational health and safety, quality management system of construction industry, quality management system of medical device industry, HSE, food safety, hazard analysis and key Control points, asset management systems, road traffic safety, integrity management, traceability management, information security, information technology service management systems, etc. Service certifications cover multiple areas including after-sales, branding, construction, property, pension, health, innovation, and cleaning. About products certification, we focus on third-party on-site conformity assessment activities such as ergonomics, environmentally friendly green products, quality and safety, and certification of limits for hazardous substances in furniture.


Job Position: 

    several full-time staffs for certification


Selection criteria:

    1. College degree or above, engaged in quality inspection or system management for more than 3 years;

    2. Pass the CCAA exam in the corresponding field;

    3. Have a good sense of responsibility and motivation;

    4. No need to take shifts, personnel from all over the country can arrange audit tasks nearby.


Expected Salary:

    1. Based on 1, 3, 5, 8 years of experience and the number of system fields, the basic salary ranges from 2000 to 6000rmb;

    2. Auditor daily fee 300-650rmb (single 300 double 350 three 400 four 450 special 600, 650);

    3. Arrange transportation travel and living allowance during the internship. The full-time monthly reviewer's day must not be less than 18 days.

    4. Those with excellent ability can provide upside and be promoted to the positions of supervisor, deputy minister and minister.



    For details, please call 028-67252000 ext. 123, Mr. He, 833, Zhao, 832, Li, and 813, Zha